Ivan Tamarkin Law

Real Estate

Representing Tenants, Landlords, and Corporations

Ivan's real state experience includes, but is not limited to, serving as attorney for the Mt. Auburn Good Housing Foundation (1969-1980); attorney for Heritage Preservation Corporation for in Over-the-Rhine (1986-1990); limited partner in the Clifton House (1972-1985); attorney for the Residential Neighborhood Community Association, representing the citizens of the Model Cities Area (1970-1976); member of the Cincinnati Bar Real Estate Committee (2005 to the present); attorney for People Working Cooperatively (1975 to the present); and as a major participant in drafting the current Landlord/Tenant Statute with attorney for Model Cities in 1970.  


Specific areas of his real estate practice include the following:



purchase contracts


housing discrimination


foreclosure and foreclosure defense


landlord/tenant law (including representing both landlords and tenants)


leases, land contracts, deeds and easements